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British Columbia is a wilderness lover's mecca. The province's beauty, and diversity of parks and protected areas, is world class. But few people including British Columbian's have experienced more than but a tiny part of this vast province. BC Spaces for Nature would therefore like to introduce you to BC 's wilderness heritage, which so many individuals like you have worked hard to protect.

Take a look through our binoculars and join us on a whirlwind tour of BC's parks and protected areas in Explore BC's Regions. Explore the extensive recreational opportunities available and start planning for your holidays.

BC's park system is critical to the survival of the enormous diversity of species the province supports. The parks you will be exploring are precious jewels that hardworking citizens have managed to protect in a province where the original earth is rapidly disappearing. Our History of Conservation will provide you with an overview of how the conservation movement in BC evolved. And Why Does BC Have a Park System? explains the scientific rationale behind the creation of the parks legacy.

Learn how scientists use Conservation Biology to ensure that BC's world class wilderness will endure for all time. And why it is crucial that it does. Find out how, using the Tourism Zonation System, tourism can help preserve nature and how a Jobs and Environment future can guarantee that wilderness and a health economy can co-exist. As a long time leader in protecting wild British Columbia, BC Spaces for Nature invites you to visit a wonderful part of our planet.

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