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The Spatsizi

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Spatsizi Plateau Wilderness Park is the third largest park in BC, after Tweedsmuir and Tatshenshini. Long regarded as BC's Serengeti, Spatsizi provides vital habitat for large mammals. Ensuring the long-term health and viability of this habitat and providing a prime example of the concept of Conservation Biology, Spatsizi Park links with several other wilderness areas including Stikine River Provincial Park, Mount Edziza Park, and Tatlatui Provincial Park. The park encompasses over 656,785 ha (1.6 million acres) and three major vegetation zones: Alpine Tundra, Spruce-Willow Birch, and Boreal White and Black Spruce forest. Spatsizi spans two major physiographic regions as well, the huge expanse of Spatsizi Plateau and the Eaglenest Range.

Known as British Columbia's Serengeti, Spatsizi contains some of the most spectacular wildlife populations in BC and exemplifies a healthy, intact predator prey system of the sort that once dominated the entire North American continent. The diversity and numbers of wildlife here are of global importance. Of particular biological significance are grizzly bears, Stone sheep, caribou, moose and high-level carnivores.

Spaces for Nature executive director Ric Careless was involved in the original Spatsizi park campaign, with the first protection being granted in 1975. At this point it was the first park in BC to be created with the prime goal of protection on extensive intact wildlife ecosystems. The protected was expanded with additions in the 1980s and late 1990s, and in 2001 the final extensions were added and Spatsizi was finally granted full Class A Provincial Park status.

A further buffering of this Park has been achieved by surrounding Spatsizi Park with Special Management Zones (SMZ). This vast park/buffer zone complex truly exemplifies how a large conservation area should be protected.

Map of the Spatsizi Plateau Wilderness Provincial Park
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