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Wilderness is British Columbia's legacy

At present 14% of British Columbia’s lands are protected. With the largest range of ecologic variety of any jurisdiction in North America, BC incorporates almost all the landscapes found in Alaska, Alberta, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Montana. In fact, this one province encompasses 14 biogeoclimatic zones (similar to ecosystems) ranging from coastal beaches to 15,000-foot high glacial peaks; and from Canada's only desert (in the south Okanagan) to temperate rainforests.

BC Spaces for Nature's wilderness conservation has focused on preserving BC's Great Wild Spaces. These are vast natural areas of global conservation significance, are large enough to ensure that entire ecosystems, and especially large predator-prey wildlife populations, will survive over time. Such Great Wild Spaces will serve as earth's premier sanctuaries for biodiversity, wildlife, and wilderness. Existing global Great Wild Spaces include such sites as Africa's Serengeti and the U.S. National Parks of the Colorado Plateau. BC Spaces for Nature has worked to create other areas of this significance with campaigns such as the Tatshenshini-Alsek and the Chilcotin Ark.

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