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The Tourism Zonation System (TZS):
Land Use Planning For Environmentally Responsible Tourism

The Tourism Zonation System (TZS) is a landuse planning approach which allows tourism to be planned in an environmentally sensitive and economically viable way. Pioneered in British Columbia, the Tourism Zonation System maps the landbase of the province into Urban, Frontcountry, Midcountry, and Backcountry zones according to their:

  • degree of naturalness (from urban to wilderness);
  • type of tourism outdoor experience possible;
  • environmental sensitivity;
  • method of transport;
  • intensity of use; and,
  • scale of facilities (e.g. from destination resorts to cabins)

Each of the tourism zones has its own features and is best suited to a particular type of tourism. By using the zonation system it is possible to reduce conflict between the needs of tourism and the conservation values of BC's natural areas. Download the document for descriptions of how the four zones help show how it is possible to both preserve wilderness and support environmentally appropriate tourism through effective resource planning.

Link to the Tourism Zonation System Report

Download PDF; 3 pgs.; 136 KB

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