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The following information is intended to give a brief description of back country adventures possible in Valhalla Provincial Park. For more detailed information on these and other trails please visit the BC Parks Valhalla Provincial Park Page.

Nemo Creek Trail

A popular 4 hour short hike along Slocan Lake. It begins 50 m (160 ft) north of Nemo Creek. Besides offering stunning views of the lake, the trail passes near an old trapper's cabin and some interesting rock formations.

Wee Sandy Creek Trail

An interesting hike that follows an old logging trail through a forested canyon. The trail is 14.4 km (9 mi) long and takes approximately 10 hours to hike. Along the way there are several opportunities to view mountain goats, old trappers' cabins, and visit a beautiful lake well stocked with trout. The trailhead is located on the west shore of Slocan Lake and can only be accessed by boat. A good log shelter is available near the end of the trail, where hikers may stay overnight before returning to Slocan Lake.

Beatrice Lake Trail

The 12.5 km (7.8 mi) long trail starts south of Evans Creek, and takes about 6 hours to complete. Beatrice Lake is stocked with rainbow trout, and is a great place for fishing.

Bannock Burn to Gimli Ridge

A popular route for mountain climbers, but also of interest to less adventurous hikers, who prefer to just look at the area's jagged peaks. The trail provides wonderful views into Mulvey Basin, a world-class climbing area with stunningly beautiful alpine views.

Sharp Creek Trail

This extremely scenic route leads to the New Denver Glacier. It begins on the west shore of Slocan Lake and, like the Wee Sandy Creek Trail, can only be accessed by boat. It is a very steep difficult hike, 8.8 km (5.5 mi) long, that takes 8 hours or more each way. But the rewards that greet those hardy enough to face the challenge make it well worth the effort; waterfalls and exceptional glacier views are among the offerings along this trail.

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