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The following information is intended to give a brief description of possible back country adventures possible in Garibaldi Park. For more detailed information on these, and other, trails please visit the BC Parks Garibaldi Provincial Park Page.

Parking Lot to Elfin Lakes

This 11 km (7 mi) trail takes 3 to 5 hours and leads to the Elfin Lakes shelter. The shelter has a wood and propane stove, and can accommodate up to 36 people. It is a popular starting point for other hiking trails in the area. In the summertime many people tend to have the same recreational plan, and visitors may have to camp out in the nearby meadows. There are some designated wilderness camping areas with tent spaces and toilets provided.

From the Elfin Lakes trails lead to various attractions such as the Gargoyles (interesting rock formations), Columnar Peak, Mamquam Lake, and the Opal Cone. Each site is unique and well worth a visit. Mountain bikes are permitted on the trail to the Elfin Lakes, but not beyond.

Black Tusk

Black Tusk lies in the center of the park, a volcanic peak 2315 m (7600 ft) high that last erupted over 12,000 years ago. From here one can hike or ski to the peak or into numerous other sites including Taylor Meadows, Garibaldi Lake, the Barrier Lakes, Panorama Ridge, Helm Glacier, the Sphinx, and Castle Towers. No fires, pets, or bikes are permitted in this area.

This is a popular area for mountain climbers who will find many challenging peaks. Hikers will enjoy extensive although often steep trails through old growth forests to breathtaking views of mountains, glaciers, and alpine meadows covered with wildflowers.

Camping is only permitted at Taylor Meadows or the west end of Garibaldi Lake, where there are tent spaces, pit toilets, and day use shelters. The beautiful blue, glacier-fed Garibaldi Lake is one of the most popular spots for weekenders and is where the park's headquarters are located in the summer, providing visitor information.

Helm Creek Trail

This trail provides another route to the Black Tusk area. Groups of at least two or three people are needed to operate the cable car across the Cheakamus River. From there a trail leads to the northeastern area of Black Tusk. Access to Helm Creek Trail is by way of Cheakamus Lake Road, which turns off Highway 99 just before Whistler.

The Garibaldi Neve Traverse

This trail is in one of the best and most challenging ski touring areas on the south coast. The trip is 50-70 km (31-44 mi) depending on the route taken. Skiers usually stay overnight in the Elfin Lakes shelter and the next day ski to a hut at Sphinx Bay on Garibaldi Lake. The area is in a high avalanche risk area, and visitors must be experienced ski tourers. For more information on the trail, and others in the area, please call the Garibaldi/Sunshine Coast District Office at (604) 898-3678.

Cheakamus Lake

This is another lovely, glacier-fed lake surrounded by towering mountains and forests that is popular with anglers looking for Rainbow Trout and Dolly Varden. There are wilderness camping areas on the west end of the lake. It is accessed by an easy one hour, 3 km (1.9 mi) hike from the Cheakamus Lake parking lot.
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