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Canadian Biodiversity Information Network (CBIN)

Introducing CBIN:

The Canadian Biodiversity Information Network (CBIN) aims to provide one-window access to Biodiversity information across Canada. It was created by the Biodiversity Convention Office of Environment Canada, in cooperation with it's partners, in order to fulfill Canada's responsibility to the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD). The Canadian web site represents one of many national nodes on the international Clearing-house Mechanism of the CBD and it serves both Canada and a broader global audience.

CBIN contains links to information, publications, policy, services, and many other biodiversity-related sites in a wide range of sectors, including forestry, agriculture, marine and coastal ecosystems, freshwater, indigenous knowledge, and more. When completed, it will provide access to a "network of networks" leading users quickly to their desired destination, through a simple search/result interface.

In addition, CBIN contains a list of international convention documents, Canadian policies and Reports, and provides tools to access and search them. It will contain a historical background to the Convention and Canada's involvement, as well as quick access to each of the sector networks. CBIN is developing and growing constantly. Features: CBIN contains a powerful search engine allowing rapid searches with keywords, and also


CBIN contains a powerful search engine allowing rapid searches with keywords, and also the choice of words from a set of predefined areas of biodiversity knowledge. CBIN will also have the capacity to relate every record back to the Convention on Biological Diversity, as well as the Canadian Biodiversity Strategy. This will allow users to view these relationships easily, making it a unique and valuable resource for government policy developers, members of the public, industry, and the global audience.

CBIN aims to connect information, bringing it together to a wider audience. Users can input their information directly into the infobase, making Canadian biodiversity-related information available immediately on the World Wide Web. The process is simple and free, and provides excellent exposure for biodiversity issues all across Canada and the world. Through developing networks to various sectors with cross-cutting issues in biodiversity, we hope to provide as much information as possible, in a simple one-stop format, to our users. The network may also help to increase awareness and cooperation between organizations across Canada who would not normally be in contact.

Visit www.cbin.ec.gc.ca for more information, or contact us at the
Biodiversity Convention Office: bcoweb@ec.gc.ca
or call 819.994.7821

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